The Core building is designed to provoke curiosity, with its beautiful architecture and sculptures based on the patterns of nature and its sustainable features such as solar panels and wood construction.

The award-winning Core building is an exhibit in its own right. Designed to pay homage to the plants that power our world, the structure takes its inspiration from a tree, with a central trunk and canopy roof that harvests the sun. Its form mimics nature’s fundamental growth blueprint, the Fibonacci sequence, with the roof representing a sunflower.

A sunflower is not one flower but hundreds which come together to create something greater than the sum of their parts: a symbol of collaboration. At the centre of the Core is Seed, a 70-tonne granite sculpture that is a symbol of respect for the plant world and an icon to promote the sowing of ideas for the future.

Explore the Core

  • Available for day hire outside of school term time and evening hire throughout the year

Different spaces for hire


Situated on the top floor of the Core Building with a terrace enjoying views across the Eden Project, the Eden Deli offers a wonderful venue for a drinks reception or sit-down dinner. In the winter months why not have your drinks reception on the floor below and browse around the gallery displays of local artists?

Film room 

An ideal meeting room for 40-60 people seated theatre-style or a breakout space for larger meetings taking place in the Gallery. The film room has a built-in projector and screen.

Pod room 

This is an ideal breakout space with lots of natural daylight and high ceilings. The pod room can seat up to 80 people theatre-style and has an built-in screen and projector. There is a linking wall that opens creating a larger space with the Seed room that is suitable for a plenary room for 200 people seated theatre-style.

Seed room 

This is also great as a breakout space, with lots of natural daylight and high ceilings, which can be linked with the Pod room.

The Core Suite

This Suite on the top floor of the Core Building is perfectly suited to smaller conferences or larger meetings, accommodating up to 100 people theatre-style or 70 people cabaret-style. 


  • Pod and Seed
    200 (theatre-style seating in rows)
    100 (cabaret-style seating around tables)
  • Pod
    80 (theatre-style seating in rows) 
    40 (cabaret-style seating around tables)
    40 (boardroom-style seating)
  • Seed
    80 (theatre-style seating in rows)  
    40 (cabaret-style seating around tables)
    40 (boardroom-style seating)
  • Film space
    80 (theatre-style seating in rows)  
    40 (cabaret-style seating around tables)
    40 (boardroom-style seating)
  • Eden Deli cafe area
    500 (drinks reception)
    250 (theatre-style seating in rows)  
    220 (cabaret-style seating around tables and dinner dances)
    180 (banquets)