Eden’s Slow Art programme

We’re working with Cape Farewell artists to develop a body of work, which responds directly to the Eden site.

Artists have been invited to engage with the location, working at a pace to suit their area of interest. Supported by Eden staff, ideas are growing slowly and organically. As this research begins to bear fruit, artists’ projects are shared with the public through events at Eden.


Ackroyd and Harvey

Growth, change and decay preoccupy Ackroyd and Harvey and much of their work focuses on time-based acts. Running a series of experiments studying the effects of weed killer on plants, the duo is developing a project called ‘Writhe’. The two have been collaborating and exhibiting internationally together in galleries, museums and found sites since 1990.


Vicky Long and Tim Sutton

Cape Farewell producer Vicky Long and composer and musical director Tim Sutton directed a live acoustic performance that used Eden's natural acoustics to create a magical, site-wide experience for visitors.

They created an ambitious ensemble piece with a diverse group of musicians from across Cornwall, drawing on folk traditions and making the most of Eden’s natural amphitheatre.

'The Arctic Poppy Chronicles'

Michèle Noach

Michèle has been growing Arctic poppies at our nurseries with Eden horticulturist Ian Martin, recording and interpreting their behaviour as she transplants them into progressively warmer temperatures. 

This fragile plant lives in the High Arctic, the frontline of climate change, where Michèle has spent research time, and this project tracks its adaptive responses to a warming environment. Her work - which has been on display at the Eden Project - depicts the poppies (and their relationship with snow) in optical 3D. Poppyflakes, a book about the nature of collaboration, draws on conversations between horticulturist and artist.

Sustainability and expeditions

Nick Edwards

Inspired by his three Arctic voyages to the wilderness with Cape Farewell, landscape artist Nick Edwards is developing similar expeditions along local routes. Through these unique journeys Nick aims to transform people’s experience of an everyday environment.

He has led a group along a historic riverbed that is today hidden, and is now creating a series of mini expeditions in the vicinity of Eden.

Arctic Gnome 

Bullet Creative

Independent creative company Bullet worked with established sculptor Elly Voisin to create a large-scale, outdoor installation at the Eden Project for winter 2012.

An ebbing sea of hundreds of white garden gnomes represents the extent of the disappearing Arctic sea ice – helping the public to picture the correlation between human action and the melting ice shelf.

Read our blog about it or follow the project via Facebook and Twitter.

Acer Seed

Thomas Duggan

Thomas Duggan’s project is to study the beautiful maple seed and its path to germination, producing work inspired by his time on Cape Farewell’s Scottish Highlands expedition in 2011. He says ‘The natural world is a fascination to me and to be guided by her as a medium to carry a story of climate change, new material development, design and play is my aim.’

Find out more on the Cape Farewell website.

Fairy Tales for a Mended Earth

Freya Morgan

Artist Freya Morgan is working on a project for Eden’s recently opened Wild Chile arboretum, located on our wilder perimeter. In September 2012 the artist is embarking on a journey to Chile, to uncover the hidden stories of the Southern Beech tree, bringing them back to Eden where she is to transform them into a new art installation for the Wild Chile site, in May 2013.

The species used to cover the Antarctic continent 200 million years ago, but is now under threat in Chile, where native forest is being cleared to make way for quick-growing plantations for the paper industry. 

Find out more on Freya's blog.

Musicians playing various instruments at Eden ProjectThe Last Flake: photograph of an Arctic poppy by Michele NoachTree fernsSea of garden gnomes lit up with a blue lightIllustrations of maple seedsHandmade paper, part of artist Freya Morgan's Slow Art project