Places and regeneration

The Eden Project is working on exciting projects across the globe that not only benefit the local environment but act as a focus for regional social and economic regeneration.

The Eden Project's story epitomises the power of regeneration to transform environments and improve people's lives. Together we created a global garden in a former clay mine to create a world-class attraction that has helped to boost tourism in the region. By collaborating with a network of like-minded people and organisations worldwide we have been working on similarly exciting projects across the globe.

  • Creating local change

    We’re helping 900 people across the UK to create positive change within their communities, through a series of inspirational and immersive workshops.

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  • Animating Cornwall

    Each year the Eden Marathon sees thousands of runners follow a course through the Clay Country, bringing the place alive and attracting tourists to explore the region.

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  • Neighbourhood planning

    We're working to inspire neighbourhoods to come up with a vision for their future – using creative techniques for dialogue, from mapping workshops to food evenings to collaborating with artists.

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  • Post-mining regeneration

    With our own experience of creating opportunities for the community and environment in a post-mining area, we're now working with the industry to come up with new solutions.

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  • Spreading the news

    Our online magazine offers the latest stories on plant conservation, from tropical rainforests to the Cornish coast. Topics include botanical discoveries as well as environmental policy.

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  • Transforming a clay pit

    Here in Cornwall we created the Eden Project in a former china clay pit, now a rich global garden and tourist destination bringing economic and social benefits to Cornwall and beyond.

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  • Community planning

    Eden helped deliver a unique community consultation project in Cornwall’s China Clay Country villages, using inspirational and creative techniques to get locals involved.

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  • Sustainable Seychelles

    Our projects with the people of the Seychelles include public education and art, horticulture and forest restoration - on islands where climate change and mass tourism can pose big challenges.

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  • Boosting the Clay Country

    We're helping develop tourism opportunities that make the most of the rich heritage of Eden's neighbouring Cornish Clay Country.

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  • Gardening for peace

    In Kosovo we helped create a 'peace park' in a town that experienced ethnic cleansing during the civil war. We're teaching residents at Eden how to maintain the garden.

    Learn about the Manchester Peace Park
  • Thai forest restoration

    We're supporting a project in Thailand that gets villagers restoring and caring for the tropical forests on their doorstep - preserving species and reducing landslides.

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