Plants, gardens and horticulture

We are an educational charity and we have planted over a million plants from around the world to teach our visitors about humans' relationship with nature.

Our exhibits are designed to show that:

  • plants give us our food, fuel, materials and medicines
  • plants are part of a wider ecosystem that provides our water and air
  • the natural world can be beautiful, relaxing and inspiring.

As an educational charity, we also use gardening as a way of empowering, engaging and connecting people through special outreach projects. Eden's horticulture programmes focus on everyone from prisoners to the disabled, from local families to schoolchildren worldwide. Get a taste of our approach below.

  • Showcasing nature

    Our rich global gardens show visitors where food, fuel, materials and medicines come from, helping them understand man's dependency on the natural world.

    See what's here at Eden
  • Community growing

    Families are learning to plant, grow, cook, share and eat together through our Seeds, Soup and Sarnies project that's running in Cornwall and Middlesbrough.

    Read about the project
  • Working with prisoners

    We offer essential life skills to offenders in South West prisons. Together, we won a silver medal at the Chelsea Flower Show.

    Find out about Growing for Life
  • Teaching new skills

    Our practical gardening courses are ideal for amateurs or those wanting to begin a career in horticulture.

    Find out about the courses
  • Connecting cultures

    Our global network of school gardens helps thousands of children share their own experience of growing food with peers across four continents.

    Check out Gardens for Life
  • Gardening with the disabled

    A unique programme offering horticulture skills is offering a truly life-changing experience for people whose lives have been affected by disability.

    Find out about People and Gardens
  • Spreading the word

    Our online magazine offers the latest stories on plant conservation, from botanical discoveries in the tropics to preserving the Cornish coast.

    Read articles from Plant Talk
  • Winning prizes together

    We collaborated with homeless shelters and prisons on garden exhibits at the Chelsea Flower Show. Together we've won two medals.

    Read about our success