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Professor Adam Beaumont

Eden Trustee and non-executive board director of EPIL

Adam was appointed as a Trustee in June 2017. He's involved heavily in building a sustainable ecosystem of skills, investment and digital economy in the North of Britain.

Adam Beaumont

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Over the past two decades, Adam has proved to be a consistent innovator and technologist.

Adam is the Founder and CEO of trusted communications specialist, aql and also CEO of Isle of Man based communications company, BlueWave.

He is also the driving force which founded both IXLeeds, the first fully independent internet exchange outside London and the Isle of Man’s first and only internet exchange, ManxIX. An active angel investor, Adam founded not-for-profit investment platform, NorthInvest which propels multi-million pound co-investments in tech start-ups across the North of the UK.


Adam’s passion for technology and its positive impact on the economy, environment and society was recognised by the Maserati 100 awards. He is also an ex-lecturer and alumnus of the University of Leeds and supports its students through his awards scheme to seek out the next generation scientists and technologists. His awards “The Beaumont Awards” recognises research projects which hold promise to positively impact society and the planet. He also privately funds scholarships for underprivileged students.

As a devoted environmentalist with expertise in thermodynamics, he has built some of the most energy efficient datacentres, driving profits into protecting ancient woodland across Europe.

A keen sailor, Adam believes we are the guardians of the sea and worked closely with many sailing charities to deliver a strong environmental message using for example, Cowes Week, as a platform to drive change in a like-minded community.

Adam is also the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Estonia championing trade and close relations with the Baltics and the UK and Isle of Man.