Our Rainforest and Mediterranean Biomes, Outdoor Gardens and Core education centre are now open to visitors. All visits must be pre-booked online.

Download the Eden Project brand guidelines (PDF).


The above document includes the following sections:

  • Introducing the Eden Project
    • An educational charity
  • What we are and what we do
    • The Visitor Destination
    • Projects, programmes and partnerships
  • Design principles
    • Visuals
      • Logo
      • Using our logo
      • Applications and examples
      • Typography
      • Colour
      • Imagery - photography
      • Imagery - illustration
  • Our voice
    • The way we tell stories
    • Our tone of voice
    • Words and texts
    • Grammar principles
    • Applications and examples
  • Further information

Additional guides available

Additional specific brand family guides are available. Please contact the Eden Project Design Team for assistance.