Writhlington School in Somerset is the proud owner of a nationally important collection of orchids, which the students have grown themselves from seed. We were joined by two of their pupils this summer (2017) for a week of work experience, and these fledgling botanists helped us out in our Rainforest Biome, sharing their amazing orchid knowledge with the team.

We’ve laid our hands on some of their unusual orchid varieties for a special display in our Rainforest Biome and will be planting these soon. But in the meantime, the students were able to put their brilliant skills to good use and give our current collection some much-needed love and attention.    

Later in the autumn they returned to help us plant a beautiful orchid wall in the Rainforest Biome.

About the school: 

Students from Writhlington School are trained as orchid experts, as part of the Orchid Project, which has been run by teacher Simon Pugh-Jones at the school for 27 years. Three massive greenhouses based at the school house rare orchids – which are often endangered or, in some cases, extinct in their native area.

The orchids tell stories about the world – they’re often used in medicine in the regions. As part of the school’s conservation work, the pupils travel to far flung places like Rwanda and the Himalayas to help local children propagate the species, sharing their successful model across the world.

Learn more about Writhlington School Orchid Project on their website.