The Eden Project will reopen on 17 May 2021. Timed entry tickets are now available to pre-book online for dates up to 5 September.

Together with the Atlantic Centre of Excellence Trust (ACE), we’ll be creating and managing a nature-inspired nursery as part of the Sky ACE Academy primary school, opening from September 2021.

Eden Project Nursery forms part of the plans for West Carclaze Eco-Community, and the idea is that it provides the key first step for the youngest children of the area in becoming globally and environmentally aware and fully prepared for life and learning in the 21st century.

What sort of activities pupils will do

Up to 60 three- and four-year-old children will have the fabulous opportunity to spend around 80% of their time in a stimulating, safe and ever-changing outdoor environment. Here are just a few examples of activities: 

  • Learning through nature, nurturing children’s love of learning and giving them varied opportunities for vocabulary development.
  • Taking care of wildlife and animals, to develop personal, social and emotional skills.
  • A campfire, where pupils can cook, share food, chat and sing together, as well as foster social skills and gain an understanding of risk.
  • Growing, gardening and cooking, encouraging children to try novel and healthy foods.

What the nursery will look like

There’ll certainly be a stimulating outdoor landscape, which the pupils themselves will have the opportunity to shape alongside staff. This shaping and changing of the world around them is a key citizenship skill.

There will also, of course, be a cosy, welcoming indoor base. The primary school and nursery buildings are to be as self-sufficient as possible, potentially featuring ground source or geothermal heating, PV solar panels, water harvesting and energy efficient lighting.  

Who it’s for

The nursery will serve primarily the growing eco-community at West Carclaze as well as meeting the wider local need. It’s anticipated that many of Sky ACE Academy’s children will enter their reception year having attended the nursery.

Why Eden is involved

The nursery capitalises on Eden’s expertise in using the outdoors as an enabling environment for learning. We are true advocates of the outdoor learning approach and believe that it leads to significant benefits for children’s health, happiness, well-being and development; in their relationship to nature and each other; and that it is the best start to formal education.

"The Eden Project is an educational charity. We’ve long championed the cause of children learning from nature and play, and we’re thrilled at the opportunity this represents for children and parents in our area."
Gordon Seabright, Eden Project Managing Director

When it’s all happening

Plans were approved by the Department for Education in April 2017, and the nursery and school will open from September 2021.