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Check out this nifty little explanation of neighbourhood planning in action.

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While the term ‘neighbourhood planning’ might not get you fired up, what these changes mean in practice is that, together with others in your area, you could make tangible things happen, like:

  • getting better bus routes
  • creating a community green space or orchard
  • designing affordable housing for the area
  • running a local enterprise, like a shop, pub or even cinema
  • taking a local service into your own hands, such as the recycling collection.

Why bother with neighbourhood planning?

  • To improve the quality of the places you live and work, by coming up with a vision for its future. This is your chance to think about what you care about in your local area and what kind of place you want to create.
  • Because you know best about your neighbourhood; you are the local experts. Why let other people decide what happens to where you live?
  • It’s something communities have been doing for thousands of years in one form or another; ancient tribes would have discussed where to put up and shelters to best avoid the woolly mammoth – that’s planning.
  • Because the process can be fun! You’ll get to know your neighbours, and may discover hidden talents. Who’s really an architect at heart? Who’s a born organiser?

About the project

We worked in partnership with Locality on this project funded as part of the Department for Communities and Local Government’s Supporting Communities and Neighbourhoods in Planning scheme.

We ran a series of Planning Camps across the UK to help communities take a leadership role in neighbourhood planning, learn how to engage people in their local area and understand what localism legislation means for them. 

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