Weekly health walks

The walks are led by trained volunteer walk leaders who provide support and help members to achieve their goals. Walking together as a group, ensures there is always plenty of encouragement, reassurance and of course, conversation.

The Eden Project was designed with accessibility in mind so there’s a great range of walking routes to suit all abilities.

Walking is a great way to improve health and help manage health conditions. It’s suitable for people of any age and all levels of fitness. It’s inexpensive, low-impact and accessible for almost everyone.

'I never believed I could change my diabetic diagnosis, but I do now.' 
John, walking group member

Success stories

Members of the walking group have experienced some fantastic improvements in their health and wellbeing. We interviewed 10 of them in April 2018 and all of them had managed to lose weight, lower their BMI, and reduce blood sugar levels – 5 of them to below the diabetic range. 

John and Vanetta are among them. Diabetes runs in the family of 73-year-old John, but through weekly walks he reduced his blood sugar levels from diabetic to normal within a year.

When Vanetta was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes she was devastated, realising that her lifestyle was probably to blame, but the walks have not only helped her blood sugar levels, they’ve also given her a sense of wellbeing.

'I really enjoy walking every week in the company of fellow diabetics whom I now class as friends.' 
Vanetta, walking group member

Read more success stories in our pamphlet of case studies

Read David's story, who's been living with diabetes for over eight years.

Join our diabetes walks

When: Every Wednesday ready to walk at 10.30 am. The walks usually last between 20-60 minutes and follow various routes to cater for different abilities.

Where: The Eden Project Visitor Centre café.

How: Come along for a free taster session – and if you want to join us again, you’ll then need a Locals’ Pass, Eden Project Membership, or a health passport (£12) to come along. 

To find out more contact the Group Coordinator at Eden, Heidi Morgan, on 01726 818550 or hmorgan@edenproject.com or contact the Social Prescribing Facilitator Hayley Burgoyne on 01726 626844 or hayleyburgoyne@nhs.net

About social prescribing at the Eden Project 

At the Eden Project we believe in the power of connecting people with each other and their environment – the power of people collectively doing things to improve their lives and the lives of others around them.

The Eden Walking Group is part of Nature’s Way, the Eden Project’s social prescribing programme. The Eden Project is working with Walking for Health and St Austell Healthcare to provide opportunities for people to connect and support each other, in order to improve their health and wellbeing.

The programme is also supported by the Woodford Charitable Fund. 

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