Describe the characters you play...

I play comic characters: a goat, a troll, and a host of guttersnipes and friendly folk. I’ve also been a flapper-girl, a doctor and a rainforest visitor. Basically, I love a good costume!

What are your favourite pieces that you perform at Eden?

I have a fail-safe story based on the Three Billy Goats Gruff with a rainforest twist. Children and adults alike join in with the actions with great gusto. My favourite story is about how the Cornish saints came about and it includes some beautiful old Cornish songs that my father taught me, such as The White Rose and Sweet Nightingale.

I love to make people laugh and see them enjoy themselves.

Jenny Crowe, Storyteller

What does being a Storyteller at Eden mean to you?

I am fascinated by people. I love to listen to people’s stories, hearing all about their backgrounds, their struggles and triumphs and sometimes how they have come through having faced all the odds. I love to entertain, to raise a smile, to create moments for people to air their opinions and perhaps impart a little knowledge on our relationship with plants.

What is your favourite thing about Eden?

People. It’s all about people: staff and visitors. Without the warmth, friendship and support of a close team, Eden would not exist. Likewise without the interest, opinion and support of visitors Eden would not exist.

Which is your favourite place in Eden?

Ooh, that’s a tricky one. I love the Citrus Grove in the Mediterranean Biome on a bright summer’s morning, with the birds singing and the beautiful aroma of the herbs, plants and flowers. I also love Wild Cornwall, steeped in history and with many a tale to tell.

Describe your most memorable day at Eden...

It must've been rolling around the grass in the Arena in hysterics to yet another hilarious performance from Bill Bailey during the 2008 Eden Sessions.