The Eden Project is planning to reopen on 17 May 2021, subject to the latest Government guidance. Timed entry tickets for 17 May onwards are available to pre-book online. Our online shop remains open.


A taste of Game Changer

Hear from young people who’ve taken part.

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‘Before Game Changer I didn’t have college, I didn’t have school, I didn’t have a job, so I was just sat in my room… It has definitely bettered my life.’ Brogan

Exploring new opportunities together

Are you a young person living in Cornwall, who is looking to explore opportunities for your future? If you’re aged 15-24 and are not currently in education or employment – or think you may soon be in this situation – give Game Changer a go. 

It’s a new scheme designed to offer personalised support to take you from your current situation into a job or training focused on your unique interests and passions. The idea isn’t just to help you get any old job, or win a place on a course you won’t enjoy, but help you explore what suits you best. 

Here’s how it works

1. We help you create a plan

When you join Game Changer, you work with a mentor (we call them Navigators); someone who helps you open doors to new opportunities and works with you to create a plan for overcoming any barriers you’re facing. 

2. You experience a taster day in a real workplace

You can choose a taster day in all sorts of different sectors – from the marine industry to construction to health right through to tourism and leisure. This is where the Eden Project comes in. We welcome groups of people just like you at Eden regularly, for one-day taster sessions. Join us to:

  • see behind the scenes at this well-known tourist attraction, and get an understanding of how a place like this works 
  • meet people working in a wide range of roles, from office-based positions to practical roles around site
  • enjoy a personalised tour around the site, including the hidden corners, to find out how this place was created from a former clay pit, and how it’s run today
  • meet other young people in the same boat as you, enjoy lunch with them in the staff canteen, and take part in a practical activity together
  • learn about opportunities for you at Eden, such as apprenticeships and volunteering placements

We promise, the day is a fun, informal experience, and there are absolutely no classrooms or presentations!

3. You can join us for a more specialised placement

After your taster session, you’ll chat to your Navigator about what happens next. If you found your time at Eden useful, you may decide to join us for a more specialised experience.

Join our team...

We have lots of opportunities for young people like you to join our diverse teams at Eden, including within Retail, Horticulture, Event Management, Hospitality, Site Management, Digital storytelling, Logistics. 

...or join us in the training garden

You can also join us at our ‘training garden’, which offers a more informal environment in which to develop your skills, without the added pressure of being part of a real Eden Team which comes into contact with visitors. The idea is that you’d not only learn plant care techniques and the science behind it, but would develop people skills by working with just a few others in a peaceful and quiet setting. 

These placements can be arranged for as little as one day, or for as long as you wish! They’re a great opportunity for you to explore what it is that makes you tick, and to experience being in a real workplace. 

Real life stories

Find out how Game Changer has helped Billy Brown  – who left his home fewer than 10 times in seven years – to get his first job as a youth support worker, helping other young people break away from a life of isolation.

Is Game Changer for you?

If you’re aged 15–24, are living in Cornwall, and are not employed or in education at the moment – or think you may soon be in this situation – you’re welcome to apply to join us on this free programme.

How to join Game Changer

If you like the sound of all this, the first thing to do is to get in touch with the team at Game Changer on 01579 646005 or 08458 621288, or email Once you're part of the scheme you'll be able to chat to your Navigator about joining us for a taster session at the Eden Project.