She does this through:

  • movement, ie contemporary dance and t’ai chi ch’uan
  • demonstrations of natural dyeing, especially with plants demos, conversations and exchanges about all fibre/textile crafts, like spinning, knitting, crochet, and general sewing, mending, making and celebrating
  • conversations about health and physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing for all
  • leading themed tours: her favourites are the ‘Tour of the Trees’ and the ‘Foody Walk’.

Q and A

What are your favourite pieces that you perform at Eden?

These tend to change each season, but I've developed a few special activities that you should keep an eye out for:

  • Natural dye workings: look out for my five slow colour dye pots in the Plants for Dyes area outside the Core.
  • Lavender makings: You'll see me working with this wonderful smelling plant in mid-summer, whether it's creating meditation circles in the lavender bed or weaving wands.
  • Upcycling plastic carrier bags and other discarded finds into bags and other useful things.
  • Spinning cotton – and its stories – on an Indian book charkha [a spinning wheel].
  • Yarn storming bus stops and bicycle racks with knits, and exchanging craft skills! I have been adding brightly coloured crocheted garlands to the columns in one of our cafes, to make them more visible so people don’t hit their heads. They capture abundance and celebration, offering a warm welcome. I see them as the 'jewellery of a home'.

What does being a Storyteller at Eden mean to you?

It means exchanging with a broad audience about all ways and walks in life, as detailed or as broad as possible: fantastic! It also means lifelong learning at my doorstep and never a dull moment. I love passing this knowledge and passion on to the other guides, when I lead training sessions

What is your favourite thing about Eden?

Its bigger picture. That it is more about people than plants (though without plants…anyway, you know the story) and how we are, act and live together.

Which is your favourite place in Eden?

Plants for Dyes outside the Core and the big-bouldered neolithic path in Wild Cornwall.

Describe your most memorable day at Eden…

My favourite moment is now. Really, I’ve had too many outstanding moments and days to choose from. They’ve always involved people though, and brilliant exchanges.