I arrive at Eden at 9.30am and start work straight away, making sure there are plenty of wheel chairs in place in the accessible car parks, as I make my way to the office to sign in. 

In the office I see the other Eden staff who I’ve got to know over the years and have a catch up and talk about the football and what jobs I’ll do for the day.

I collect my litter picking set and start my walk down through Eden collecting rubbish left by visitors, until my first break when I have a cup of tea and bump into more Eden staff who I have a friendly catch up with. Next job is making my way around the Core building and making sure there is no rubbish on the floor and also making sure all the magnetic words are on the fridge walls and not the floor. 

During my first break we have a cup of tea and a friendly catch up.

I spend the rest of the morning tidying the Eden site, including the Global Garden allotments, Land Train stop, Wild Cornwall area, Myth and Folklore, the Giant Bee and the Mining exhibit.

Then I make my way to the staff cafeteria. I enjoy having a hot meal here; always something different and I also use some of the ideas to cook for myself at home. I’ve had a range of meals including creepy crawly bugs one day. This was brilliant! 

As my shift comes to an end I make my way through Eden and back up to the office where I sign out and return my litter picker equipment. 

I have really enjoyed my time working here and making friends along the way. I really feel I’m one of the team when I arrive on shift.