Why did you decide to volunteer at Eden?

I recently moved to Cornwall and one of the things on my ‘to do’ list was to become a volunteer at the Eden project. I’d fallen in love with the place when I visited on holiday, just two years after it opened. I am now retired from the education sector but I still want to be part of a working community and where better to do that than the garden of Eden?

What does a typical day at Eden look like for you?

I spend several hours guiding visitors into the disabled parking areas, directing them to the Visitor Centre and explaining what assistance is available to them. After that I help with anything else on site, especially for those with limited mobility and other special needs. 

I enjoy chatting, which is definitely a requirement when working at Eden. I have met some remarkable people and occasionally I am needed to push a visitor around in their wheelchair – although I’m sure someone turns the heat up in the Rainforest Biome when I do that, phew! 

What it’s like volunteering at Eden?

I was made to feel very welcome from day one, and I have been introduced to some lovely – and hilarious – individuals. I realise that all Eden volunteers play a vital part in enhancing the work others do, which enables everyone to carry out their jobs more effectively. Real team work.

What’s the best bit about it all?

It’s amazing how grateful people are when they are have assistance to enable them to enjoy their visit, especially those on their own who wouldn’t have been able to gain access to many parts of the site. It is very rewarding to hear a ‘thank you’ at the end of a visit.