Why did you decide to volunteer with us?

I've always loved kids and am a big kid myself, so I thought the project would be perfect for me. My background is in finance, but I have done mentoring with young children through the council, so when I saw an advert I decided to come along to an open interview with a group of potential volunteers. My own grandchildren are grown up (23 and 25), and I only wished I could have brought them along when they were younger!

Describe a typical day’s volunteering

Fun, fun, fun! I get involved with walking trails exploring the gardens and the wildlife, Music in the Med, and lots of creative activities like painting and making things using natural materials.

I love to see the children enjoying themselves, and the grandparents getting involved too. Eden weaves its magic on the children, giving them a relaxed happy atmosphere in which to explore and have new experiences.

What’s it like volunteering at Eden?

I absolutely love it and look forward to coming. The people I work with and the people I meet have been phenomenal and I get so much out of it. At the end of the day I go home thinking how good it was and how much I enjoyed it.

What’s the most satisfying part for you?

Seeing the children grow. Over the past year I’ve seen the children develop, get more confident and make new friends. I love to see the pleasure on their faces after a session with us. It’s great, too, to see the grandparents getting such a lot out of it.