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What course did you study, and what attracted you to that course in the first place?

I studied the HND Garden & Landscape Design. I initially joined the HNC as a way to connect my fine art background with a growing passion for horticulture, but after completing the HNC and enjoying it so much I decided to top up to the full HND. 

How did you feel the course prepared you for your career ahead?

Really well, I'm using so much of what we were taught all the time in my work now, I often find myself recalling conversations and lectures which guide me in my current practice.

What was the best thing about the course?

Excellent tuition and a diverse group of peers of all ages who all came with different experiences and approaches, which made for a really dynamic and creative group to work alongside.

What have you gone on to do since graduating?

I set up my own company offering garden design and horticultural therapy services, we are currently working on community and private projects. Alongside this we are also establishing our own organic plant nursery which will supply our designs and host horticultural therapy sessions.

Any advice for people considering entering the industry?

Know your plants, they are the key! 

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