The Eden Project is planning to reopen on 17 May 2021, subject to the latest Government guidance. Timed entry tickets for 17 May onwards are available to pre-book online. Our online shop remains open.

Students have joined us from a wide range of backgrounds, including physics, psychology, politics, business, the financial sector, healthcare and environmental consultancy. Some have spent a few or many years working; others come straight from a first degree.

Together, they have gone on to work in a wide range of roles in business, charities, governments and education. 

Listening to their feedback, the common theme in their experience on the course is that it has brought them confidence, purpose, and understanding of the world and themselves, as well as valuable networking skills and new career opportunities.

What students have got out of the MSc

‘The course has re-ignited my confidence in going after a career that encompasses all that I love and have the qualities to do.’ Didi, 2017 student

‘After the MSc, I started work on two projects where my placement was, delivering community engagement and behaviour change, and this is where I still am. It’s fantastic to put my learnings from the course into practice.’ Jen, 2014 student

‘I would highly recommend this MSc degree to anyone trying to decide which programme to take… I had the best of all worlds. I was able to carry on working at my job, study at my own pace part-time at a distance, but also have the benefits of hands-on teaching.’ 2016 student

‘The most valuable thing I have gained from the course so far is validation of my thinking, motivation and future work.’ Chantal, 2017 student

‘It has given me the opportunity to meet like-minded people with different backgrounds and experiences, meaning we all contribute something unique to the course and complement each other’s learning experiences.’ Victoria, 2016 student

‘The course has given me the knowledge to understand who I am and how I can give purpose to my career though lending my abilities to help others.’ Harris, 2017 student

‘The most valuable thing I’ve learnt from this course is the importance of networking and understanding how to relate with all people.’ Steven, 2017 student