Gardening tips for December

Advice from our expert on keeping your garden healthy through the winter.

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  1. While the garden’s quiet, get building! Construct fences, paths and raised beds. Fix your bench. Paint your shed.
  2. Harvest your kale, leeks, cabbages and Brussels sprouts.
  3. If you love digging, on a dry day when the ground’s not frozen get out and turn the veg patch to let the frost in.
  4. Turn your compost heap to let fresh air in, which will help the beasties inside turn your waste to compost. Then you can cover your heap with newspapers or carpet to keep it warm. Try our compost aeration tool.
  5. Fancy planting spuds next year? Find out about your local National Potato Day event and put the date in your diary.
  6. If you have stored spuds or pumpkins from the garden, check they are cool but frost free. Make sure you remove any rotting ones.
  7. If you’ve got any veg that needs eating, check out some seasonal food recipes to inspire you.
  8. Try making seasonal decorations from natural materials with the kids. Tie sparkly string or ribbon to cones or twigs and gently paint on PVA glue before rolling them in white glitter….lovely!
  9. It’s time to order and enjoy seed catalogues, and also do some online Christmas shopping. Try our online shop for ideas.
  10. Finally, don’t pinch all the holly with berries for your Christmas decorations – leave some for the birds.

By Louisa Evans.

Image credit: Tambako The Jaguar