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10 tips for gardeners in January

Get more tips from the gardening team.

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  1. It’s time to prepare for growing in the year ahead: dust and scrub your pots, trays and labels.
  2. Clean and sharpen your tools and, if necessary, replace tools.
  3. If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to eat more healthily, try simple sprouting seeds: quick, easy and delicious in salad.
  4. Check that the seeds you intend to sow are in date and stored in a cool, dry, mouse-free container.
  5. Keep on clearing winter debris from your beds and mulch them with leaf mould, bark or compost: watch out for emerging bulbs!
  6. If you have a patch of perennial weeds, now is a good time to tackle it before the weeds begin to grow again.
  7. Continue harvesting leeks, kale and parsnips.
  8. Prune autumn-fruiting raspberries to soil level.
  9. Provide food for the birds in your garden. Here's how to make your own bird cake to hang up.
  10. Place a seed order, as it will soon be time to start sowing onions, cabbages, parsnips, leeks, sweet peas and calendula.

Photograph: John Davey