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10 tips for gardeners in July

Get more tips from the gardening team.

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  1. It’s time to keep an eye out for plant pests. Check tips on young growing plants for clusters of greenflies, or for any distortion which might be aphids inside. An environmentally way of dealing with greenfly is to either rub them off with your fingers or to spray them off with diluted washing up liquid.
  2. Check for black spot on rose leaves. Pinch off leaves or stems showing symptoms of this fungus and bin or burn them. Don't put them in to compost as that will harbour the disease.
  3. Continue to deadhead and pick flowers to keep them blooming lovely.
  4. Prune early-flowering shrubs, such as wisteria and lilac, to keep them in check and give them a good shape.
  5. Keep up regular watering and feeding of plants in containers, particularly geraniums. The soil should be damp to the touch.
  6. Cut lavender flowers this month, then hang them to dry – perfect for that smelly sock drawer.
  7. Harvest and eat fruit and veg. Now’s the time to enjoy eating beans, carrots, beetroots and strawberries. If you’re stuck for exciting things to do with all your homegrown veg, check out Eat Seasonably for some seasonal ideas.
  8. Why not try a cup of your own home grown fresh mint tea – an easy, refreshing drink to make. Simply pour boiling water over fresh mint leaves, and a little sugar if you like.
  9. If it’s really hot, let the grass grow for a week rather than mowing it too often. This stops it from scorching and is great for wildlife.
  10. Be an early bird and order bulbs now, to plant this autumn for stunning spring displays.

With thanks to Louisa Evans and Catherine Cutler.