You will need:

  • Two sheets of A4 card
  • a printer
  • scissors
  • a glue stick
  • colouring pencils or felt tips

What to do

  • Download our Designosaur template (in the download section on this page) and print it out onto two sheets of thin A4 card. Make sure you select “fit to printable area” in your printing settings.
  • Choose a head, neck and four legs and decide whether or not your dinosaur is going to have spikes along its back. Get creative and draw your own if none of the designs quite fit your dino’s personality.
  • Colour these in, along with the body. It's believed that dinosaurs were brightly coloured – to help them attract mates, so be as inventive as you can!
  • Carefully cut along the solid black lines.


  • Take the body and fold into shape along the dotted lines. Glue along the flaps and stick together.


  • If your dinosaur has spikes, fold along the dotted lines in alternate directions, so that each flap folds the opposite way to the flap before it. This will help your spikes stand upright. Glue the spikes to the back of the body.


  • Next, take your neck, fold it in half and glue it to the inside of the rounded end of the body.
  • Take both sides of the head and glue together onto the end of the neck.
  • Finally glue on your four legs to the triangular area on both sides of the body. Your dinosaur can either stand upright or on all fours. You may need to experiment with the positions of the legs. If you bend (not fold) the feet away from the body, it will help your dinosaur stand.