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10 steps to easy Halloween skull makeup

  1. Using a sponge, create a white base over the face and lips – leaving a hole around the eye sockets, and a jawbone-shaped gap around the cheek that has a more feathered edge. 
  2. Fill in the eye sockets with black – again using a sponge. 
  3. Sponge black into the hole you left on the cheek, leaving a smudgy edge. 
  4. Add hints of black onto the forehead, temples and mouth area, using a sponge.
  5. With a brush, print white teeth shapes onto the top and bottom lips, spreading over onto the skin above and below the mouth.
  6. Fill in the eye sockets with a more solid black, using a brush. Then paint a handful of delicate crack lines branching out of the sockets. 
  7. Paint a black diamond shape (with a missing centre and missing top point) on the top/tip of the nose. 
  8. Add black licks of paint coming off the corners of the jawbone area, and on top of the hints of black that you sponged on to the forehead.
  9. Loosely paint in between and around the white teeth shapes with fine black lines.
  10. Top it all off by painting a black spider on the forehead. 

Tips for safe and effective Halloween makeup


  • Always create your designs using paint specifically for faces.
  • Use a sponge for the base and larger areas, and paint for detail or solid areas.


  • Make sure your child closes their eyes when you paint near them – but without scrunching them up tightly, otherwise the design will be skewed.
  • To remove the makeup, use tepid water and a clean cloth or sponge. Do not use wet wipes or makeup lotions to remove the face paint, as this can cause skin reactions.
  • Don’t apply face paint to a child if they are aged under three, suffer from eczema or a have contagious infection.  

Thank you to the talented Lucid Arts for this brilliantly painted design.