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Step by step instructions

  1. Find a small patch of grass in your garden, and mark out a 50cm x 50 cm square using pegs and string.
  2. Measure and record the height of the grass. 
  3. Carefully look over the patch and try to identify as many of the plants as you can, using our plant ID sheet to help you. You could look even more closely with a magnifying glass if you have one. 
  4. Now draw three of your favourite plants from the patch.
  5. Are there any insects that you can spot, identify and draw as well?
  6. If there are plants or insects that aren’t on the ID guide use a guidebook or the internet to try and find out what they might be. You could take some photographs of these mystery plants and creatures.
  7. Come back to the same patch over the coming weeks and record how it changes as the seasons progress. Can you explain the changes you notice?

A focus on science

For teachers or parents home schooling, this primary science activity gets children outside, taking a closer look at the familiar and practising three types of scientific enquiry: identification and classification, observation over time, and researching using secondary sources.