• This relative of tobacco, tomatoes and potatoes is popular among gardeners because of its beautiful large flowers.
  • The extract from this species is said to be used for its hallucinogenic effects in ceremonies of the Huichol people from Mexico. It apparently pre-dates the similar use of peyote cactus in ceremonies.

Where it grows

Dry-to-moist forests in open areas in Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Venezuela.

Wildlife facts 

The flowers are fragrant at night, which attracts pollinating bats.

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  • Berry: simple fruit with one or more seeds immersed in a fleshy pulp; seeds not surrounded by hard seed coat as with drupes.
  • Corolla: floral structure resembling fused petals, usually creating a tube. 
  • Stamen: male organ of a flower, including the anther-supporting filament and the pollen-producing anther.