South African fynbos in Eden's Mediterranean Biome

Find out how we've tried to recreate the floral delights of this South African habitat at Eden.

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  • Proteas are one of South Africa's botanical icons: the national cricket team is even nicknamed after them.
  • This protea species has exquisite light-reflecting flower heads with each bract edged in a silky white fringe.
  • They are pollinated by birds, and are great for cutting and drying.

Where it grows

This species grows densely in the mountains of the Western Cape fynbos in South Africa. Fynbos is Afrikaans for ‘fine bush’, which refers to the evergreen, fire-prone shrubs that live in the nutrient poor soil. This area of South Africa has one of the greatest varieties of plants on Earth and is botanically richer than the rainforest.

The Hottentot sugarbush thrives on streambanks or in moist Cederberg shale at an altitude of 600–1500m.

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Lanceolate: narrowly ovate and tapering to a point.