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Red mangroves growing at Eden

Dan tells us about the red mangroves growing in our rainforest.

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  • The prop roots help to prevent this aquatic tree from being knocked over by the current or tide.
  • Red mangroves are chopped down to provide timber for building, fencing, fuel and charcoal; they are planted to stabilise and reduce erosion of coastal land.
  • Extracts from the bark can produce tannins used for staining and leather making, and are used medicinally, with recent research suggesting they have antioxidant properties and can reduce stomach ulcers.
  • Fishing communities rely on the mangrove to provide a habitat for fish and other marine organisms.

Where it grows

This species is native to both Atlantic coasts: from Florida in the US to southern Brazil in the Americas, and from Senegal to Angola in western Africa. It can be found in intertidal regions of sheltered tropical and subtropical coasts where it typically dominates areas close to open water.

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  • Berry: simple fruit with one or more seeds immersed in a fleshy pulp; seeds not surrounded by hard seed coat as with drupes.
  • Bisexual: both sexes in the same flower or in some cases flowering structure (inflorescence).