• The September bush is a common, widespread, pioneer shrub that flowers on and off all year round, peaking in the spring.
  • The flowers resemble that of a pea-flower and close at night time.
  • This plant was believed to enhance milk production in livestock.

Where it grows

Occurs naturally in South Africa, from the Bokkeveld Mountains near Clanwilliam in the Western Cape to Kwazulu-Natal. Commonly found growing on dunes, rocky slopes, in forests, along streams, in scrub and open grassland.


  • Capsule: dry fruit that opens by valves, slits or pores to release seeds (dehiscent) and is composed of two or more united carpels (the basic unit of the female sexual organ).
  • Keel: lower petals resembling the bottom of a boat.
  • Obovate: two-dimensionally egg-shaped with widest part at the apex.
  • Raceme: a flowering structure where the individual flowers are clearly stalked, the newest and last to open being at the apex.