Our gardening courses are ideal for anyone who wants to develop their practical gardening skills and knowledge, whether you're:

  • a keen amateur
  • beginning a career in horticulture
  • thinking of changing your career and going into horticulture.

The programme of eight one-day practical gardening sessions is taught by the experts in the Eden Horticultural Team. The eight sessions can be enjoyed one by one or taken as a complete course.

The way the staff pass on their passion is contagious.

 Megan Lodge, participant

What you'll learn

Watering is an undervalued skill, yet is vital to every part of the growing cycle. In this unit students will learn how to assess the watering needs of plants, the implications of getting it wrong, and learn how to apply water and different types of fertilizer accurately and successfully to plants in the ground as well as in containers. 

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