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How to make sunshine bracelets

The idea is to head out into nature with your child to find leaves and petals in as many different colours as possible to stick onto the bracelet, from all the shades of green through to coloured flowers and lichen.

You will need

  • Scrap paper or thin card
  • Sticky tape (or double-sided tape)
  • A safe, outdoor green space

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Before heading outside, cut or tear scrap paper or thin card into a strip approximately two inches wide, and long enough to wrap around your child’s wrist.
  2. Next, take a length of tape and apply it to the length of the paper/card strip. If it’s double-sided tape, you’re all set. If it’s single-sided, simply fold the tape back against itself so that it’s sticky on the outside.
  3. Finally, wrap the strip of sticky paper/card around your little one’s wrist and join the ends with tape to make a bracelet ready to stick things to!
  4. Now let’s head outside! How many different shades of colours can you find in nature to stick to your bracelet? Notice how many different greens there are when you really look closely at leaves. Plants catch sunshine with their leaves to grow!

    Can you add some colourful beauty from flower petals too? No need for lots of big flowers, maybe just one petal from each flower. Can you find any sunshine-yellow flowers? Lichen or moss can add some interesting texture to the bracelet too.

Keeping everyone safe

Just remind little ones not to stick living creatures to their bracelets, to not take too many petals (certainly not from other people’s gardens) and to avoid stingy, spiky things! Please also watch out for poo, and remind children not to pick this up.