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Activity overview

This challenge is written to highlight the importance of water and its link to life on earth, but in a very silly way.

Your mission is to rescue our water, the universal key to life, before the Buckethead aliens find out. However, once the alarm has been raised it’s a race against the clock to cross the swamps, build your buggy and drive it through their planet to escape.

If you make it (unlikely!) you need to build a rocket and fire your precious water safely back to earth before you get caught.


Teams will have to think together and solve problems quickly in a variety of situations.

They will have to plan ahead, consider the consequences of their actions and learn by their mistakes.

Each team will design and build simple structures and vehicle from basic materials.

Teams will consider risk and safety and be expected to look after the whole team.

Discuss the importance of water to life and natural processes (Geography and Science)

Practical information

  • A facilitated 3-hour session with our Education Team
  • All equipment needed to complete your challenge.
  • All activities fully risk assessed.
  • Eden Challenges cost £8.40 per pupil, with a minimum charge of £168 per group (includes VAT). 

Book your stay

Book your room and board via the schools section of the YHA's website. Contact Eden for availability of our Workshops, Challenges or Evenings, via our online enquiry form.