School trips to Eden

Find out why students and teachers enjoy their educational trips to Eden so much!

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Activity overview

Pupils will be introduced to the skills needed to become the best hunters in the land. They will take part in the ancient art of Archery, coached by experts.

They will kidnap ‘Bob’ the Fire Carrier legend, and then lay a trail using natural materials to help his friends rescue him. They will learn all about the art of camouflage from the undisputed champion (nature) and have a go at hiding from their friends using their new-found skills.

This workshop is a busy session which will challenge and engage your group from start to finish.


Students will be asked to think creatively and be imaginative.

Pupils will work independently and as a team.

Pupils will learn and practise new skills.

Pupils will understand the importance of using their senses in interpreting the world around them.

Practical information

  • A facilitated 3-hour session with our Education Team
  • All equipment needed to complete your challenge.
  • All activities fully risk assessed.
  • Eden Challenges cost £8.40 per pupil, with a minimum charge of £168 per group (includes VAT). 

Book your stay

Book your room and board via the schools section of the YHA's website. Contact Eden for availability of our Workshops, Challenges or Evenings, via our online enquiry form.