This course will support your school to:

  • Maximise the use of your playground spaces for children’s free and unstructured play.
  • Make the best use of resources that support children’s play.
  • Develop staff to use their skills effectively during playtimes, to give children access to a wider variety of play opportunities.

Our approach to training

Working with lunchtime staff over a number of weeks, participants learn to use Playwork Principles to manage the playground. Research by Play England shows that these principles can bring about a marked difference in the way children play during break times, and have a significant positive impact on children’s learning and behaviour, with increased focus on tasks and minimal behavioural issues.

Attitudes to teaching outside have metamorphosed over the year.

Carolyn Huxley, Headteacher, Lostwithiel Primary School

Find out how one Cornish school transformed their outdoor learning with help from Eden.

The taught sessions are supplemented by:

  • playtime observations
  • additional tasks for participants
  • written supporting material
  • a workshop for parents
  • a celebration event


Costs are from £575 + VAT for a full day’s training for up to 20 people; £275 + VAT for a twilight session. To book or find out more please contact us on or 01726 811913.