Workshop overview

About the workshop: This high quality, interactive and practical plant science workshop for primary school children uses unique science content developed at Eden to immerse pupils in the weird, wonderful and sometimes invisible world of plants. Developed as part of Eden's new Invisible Worlds programme, this workshop is not only fully curriculum linked, but also stimulates curiosity, captivates pupils' imaginations and gives pupils access to state of the art microscopes and technology.

What happens: This workshop can be delivered either to a single class in our new Invisible Worlds lab at Eden or alternatively we can come to your school and deliver the session to up to 4 classes during the course of a whole day. If we come to you then we begin the day with an introductory assembly for all of the children involved. Either way your students will take part in an interactive experience which explores the realities of life in the rainforest and the ingenious methods plants employ to ensure their survival (adaptations).

The children use stereo microscopes to investigate some of these plant adapations up close – making the invisible world visible. Their thinking is also prompted by the use of various props, plant artefacts and unusual plants.

Science brought alive... who knows what passion that might ignite in our children following today's learning. No doubt we have some future botanists, biologists and ecologists amongst them!

A review from Burraton Community Primary School's headteacher

Skills and curriculum links

This workshop enables students to:

  • ignite an interest and curiosity in plant sciences and careers in science
  • understand the challenge that plants face in the rainforest and how they meet them
  • develop observational skills
  • provide possible scientific explanations for observations of the world around them
  • develop practical microscopy skills

We've designed the workshop to help teachers cover the following subject areas:

Year 3 – Science 


  • identify and describe the functions of different parts of flowering plants 
  • explore the requirements of plants for life and growth  
  • investigate the way in which water is transported within plants 
  • explore the part that flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants

Year 4 – Science

Living things and their habitats

  • investigate how plants survive in their habitat

Year 5 – Science

Living things and their habitats

  • investigate the life process of reproduction in plants

Year 6 – Science

Evolution and inheritance

  • identify how plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and that adaptation may lead to evolution

KS1 and 2 Geography 

Locational Knowledge, Place Knowledge, Physical Geography

Practical information if delivered in your school

Group size: Up to 35 students per workshop session. The workshop would follow an introductory assembly for up to 140 pupils.

Cost: £340 plus VAT per day. This applies to locations within 50 miles of Eden Project - but please do talk to us about coming to schools further afield in the UK.

This includes:

  • an introductory assembly for all the students involved in the day
  • a facilitated full day of up to 4 repeats of the same workshop, taught to different classes
  • all equipment needed for the workshop

School facilities: We come to your school and can set up in a classroom or the school hall. School staff will be needed to support group work.

Practical information if delivered at Eden

The workshop costs £6.20 per pupil, with a minimum charge of £124 per group (includes VAT). Maximum group size is 35. The cost includes:

  • a facilitated 1 hour workshop with our Education Team in the new Invisble Worlds lab.
  • free access to the Eden site for the day
  • all equipment needed for the workshop
  • a personal welcome from the Education Team at the entrance
  • a base for your bags in our purpose-built education centre, The Core
  • a space to eat your own lunch 
  • free entry for accompanying adult helpers, whose participation is essential to the success of the day (please note our suggested adult/pupil ratios are as follows: Early Years Foundation Stage, 1:3; Key Stage 1, 1:6; Key Stage 2 and 3, 1:10; Key Stage 4, 1:15; Key Stage 5, 1:20). You’re welcome to bring more helpers if you’d like; for a charge of £15 per adult

  • a free preparatory visit to Eden for teachers wanting to plan their school trip, which should be booked in advance