Join us for this special Members' event, where we'll have the privilege of hearing from Professor John Newton Director of Health Improvement at Public Health England, Hon Professor at the European Centre for Environment and Human Health in Truro, and Garden Fellow at the Royal College of Physicians of London.

This absorbing talk will provide an enlightened view of the current role of plants in medicine – looking at how they continue to provide a source of effective medicines, are an essential resource in less well developed countries, and are increasingly recognised for their positive contribution to our health and well-being.  

‘Plants are important to us in so many ways. People have used them as remedies for thousands of years. The science of botany and medicine were closely associated for centuries; only recently have plant-based treatments fallen out of favour with the scientific doctrines of medicine. Herbal medicine continues – but mainly as an “alternative therapy”.’

Professor Newton 

Prof Newton will also be pleased to discuss his experience of teaching the role of plants in medicine at the Royal College of Physicians, the dichotomy between scientific medicine and herbal medicine, and his work for Public Health England. So, don't miss this exceptional opportunity to hear first-hand from a highly respected authority on this subject.

Image: Garden of medicinal plants at the Royal College of Physicians (© Henry Oakley).

How to book

This talk is postponed and we are seeking to schedule a future date. To our Members who were booked to attend, we'll be in touch in due course – thank you for your patience.