Friday, May 8, 2009 - 12:22

The Eden Project and The Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Centre are pleased to announce that the winner of ‘Kids Go Green with Eden,’ a nationwide primary schools competition, is 9-year-old Leila Wade of Stanford Junior School in Brighton. Entrants wrote a poem on the theme ‘The Wonder of Bulbs’, which was judged by acclaimed children’s author and the Eden Project’s director of interpretation Jo Elworthy, along with the teams at the Eden Project and the Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Centre.

Stanford Junior School wins an exclusive garden design consultation with the Eden Project who will work with pupils to create a customised garden. This includes 1,000 flower bulbs and up to £8,000 to be put towards the creation of a fantastic green outdoor space (the school’s grounds are presently all concrete).

On Wednesday 06 May 2009 three members from the Eden Project’s educational team held creative outdoor workshops with students that consisted of animated activities such as games and drawing. The children’s ideas will form the basis of the new garden design.

The purpose of the competition is to emphasise the importance of encouraging children to learn about the natural environment and to have fun outdoors. The planting message is meant to encourage schools to regenerate and enhance their environments.

Following is Leila Wade’s winning poem, entitled ‘The Beauty of Bulbs’:

The Beauty of Bulbs
After autumn, winter’s cold
Leads us to the spring.
Brown bulbs were buried deep
Happy in their winter’s sleep.
I’m looking forward to the spring
When bulbs and plants start to sing.
Up pop daffodils looking for the sun,
Stretching their little heads one by one.

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