Tuesday, June 23, 2009 - 11:58

On the July 13,2009 the Eden Project will be hosting the first Education for Sustainability Conference organised by Cornwall Learning, which offers a wide range of services and support for schools in Cornwall as part of Cornwall Council.

The aim of the one day event is to give schools the chance to come together and talk about sustainability. The day will include workshops run by the Eden Project Education Team and Cornwall Outdoors .

Also included in the day will be an exciting chance for children to participate in ‘Weapons of Sound’ drumming sessions which uses waste ‘instruments’ to produce sound proving that junk isn’t always junk!

Schools have a special role to play in preparing young people for the future, building sustainable development into everyone’s learning and empowering children to change the environment. This event will be part of the ongoing work undertaken by Cornwall Learning to ensure all children in Cornish schools are learning about their environment.

Vicki Rigby, Primary Advisor for Sustainability says “We are very excited about schools taking part in this event. It is the beginning of Cornwall Learning’s role in supporting schools to ensure that sustainability is a key context for 21 century learning.”

For more information contact Cornwall Learning on 01209 721439.