Friday, June 12, 2009 - 11:00

The Eden Project will be heralding the summer solstice with an evening of good food and funk music on Saturday June 20.

The first of Eden’s quarterly seasonal celebrations will feature barbeques, paella and a selection of local and international gastronomic treats from the project’s top chefs. Musical accompaniment for the grand finale will come from ten-piece swing-funk maestros Smerins Anti-Social Club.

Alongside the food and music, the garden party will feature food-themed exhibits from the Youth Food Movement, Transition Towns, the Women’s Farming Union and Eden’s Growing for Life and Great Day Out projects.

There will be massage in the citrus grove area of the Mediterranean Biome, Cuban salsa and street performance around the site.

Visitors can also find out more about Eden’s Big Lunch. Taking place on July 19, the Big Lunch aims to bring together many of the 61 million people in the UK to simultaneously eat lunch with their neighbours. There are lots of ways for people to get involved and plan their street party, from growing their own food and flowers to forming a band or creating a piece of pavement art for their street.

Those seeking tips on growing and cooking food will have the opportunity to meet Eden’s expert gardeners and chefs to quiz them on their tricks of the trade.

Smerins Anti-Social Club have carved a reputation on the UK underground live music scene for their infectious blend of funk, ska, dub, swing and Latin music.

Bethany Lewitt, Eden’s Events Manager, said: “Celebrate the solstice in a stunning setting with this brand new night for Eden. Visitors can expect an epic brass marathon from festival legends Smerins Anti-Social Club, great food and a fab atmosphere. Get your carnival colours on and come and play!”

The summer solstice occurs every year when the tilt of the Earth’s axis results in the longest day and shortest night. This year, the solstice is on June 21.

The midsummer global garden party starts at 7.30pm and runs until 12.30am and costs £10 per person. To book, call the Eden box office on 01726 811972 or visit