Tuesday, June 9, 2009 - 11:04

Naturepaint, a range of eco-friendly paints produced in Cornwall, and supported by the Eden Project, has won the Jupiter Big Idea Award at this year’s Observer Ethical Awards.
This award recognises ethical innovation, particularly focusing on consumer products or behaviour-changing ideas. Emma Howard Boyd, Jupiter Asset Management and judge of the awards, described Naturepaint as "a great and innovative idea of getting rid of waste as well as the chemicals that go into the paint process, transforming the way we use this product."

The awards judging panel was made up of some of the UK's top environmental and sustainability experts as well as celebrities including actor Colin Firth, former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone and Deborah Meaden, Star of Dragon’s Den.

Ross Harling, founder of Naturepaint, said: “As makers one of the world’s safest and most eco-friendly decorating paints, we are delighted to gain the recognition of The Observer Ethical Awards judging panel.”

Mark Beeley, Eden’s Retail Director, said: "This award is well-deserved recognition for Naturepaint's vision to make home decorating more sustainable. We at Eden are very keen to support the development of exciting new products that tackle some of the difficult environmental issues we face today.”

Naturepaint is easy to apply, quick-drying and without the chemical smells of conventional paints. It is sold as powder, ready to mix with water to make paint. The paper-based packaging is 99.9 per cent recyclable and any leftover paint is biodegradable and can be added to a compost heap.

Compared with liquid paints, the low weight and volume of Naturepaint reduces mailing, storage and transportation costs by more than 50 per cent and cuts down landfill waste by doing away with metal and plastic paint pots.

As well as individual paints, which start at £3.80 for 100g (which makes 0.25 litres of paint), Naturepaint also sell a complete room-painting kit that includes coloured paint for walls, ceiling white, an applicator, recyclable paintpads and a paint tray.

Working closely with Eden, Naturepaint has developed a special palette of paints called "Colours of Eden", with shades including Aloe Green and Biome Blue. These are now on sale both on site at Eden and from their online shop (

Nature Paint Limited products are sold direct to consumers via a growing number of retail outlets as well as the company’s website, and a sales hotline, 0845 3670140

In 2007, Naturepaint was shortlisted for another national prize, the Shell Springboard Award. The awards are for products that make significant contributions to reducing the impact of climate change.

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