Thursday, July 16, 2009 - 11:52

Imerys Minerals is delighted that the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has today announced that the project, initiated by the company, with the support of local and regional authorities and the Eden Project, to regenerate the Mid Cornwall clay area has been awarded Eco-town status.

In response, Tim Smit, Chief Executive of Eden, said: “The opportunity to reshape our future is a massive privilege and part of the excitement in it is to explore whether the new spirit, which must take account of the tremendous challenges that the next 30 years will throw at us, can forge an alliance beyond party politics and narrow sectoral interests and deliver a partnership that is truly representing a vision shared by all.

"The Eden Project has been involved from the beginning in the hope that this opportunity might arise and would like to pay tribute to all the partners who have worked together seamlessly. The real test is whether we can turn aspirations into a legacy for the people of the Clay Country and Cornwall. Cornwall was in at the start of the industrial revolution. Wouldn't it be great if we could be at the start of the post-industrial revolution and show what Cornwall is made of."

For the past 12 months the Eden Project has been working in partnership with Imerys Minerals Ltd to jointly prepare the Clay Country Eco-town submission to the Department of Communities and Local Government. The proposed development is taking place on our doorstep and many of our own team will be affected by this ambitious project. We want to help create a community for the future, one which provides affordable homes, new schools and places of work. We are giving the plan our full backing to help Imerys deliver the best result for the people of Mid Cornwall. Eden is proud to be a partner because the chance to shape our future is a rare privilege and we hope all of us who live here will see it for what it is – a chance to make a positive difference.