Monday, September 14, 2009 - 11:30

The Eden Project has created a quirky campaign starring its formidable dinner lady Carol Speight and boss Tim Smit to encourage us all to save energy.

In a light-hearted film with a serious message, Tim gets his just desserts from Carol in the form of a not-so-friendly whack in the face after forgetting to turn off his computer monitor.

She then kidnaps him, throws him over her shoulder and handcuffs him to the gantry at the top of the Rainforest Biome. Tim – who hates heights - is then seen begging Carol to set him free.

The tongue-in-cheek viral movie is backed up by a poster campaign featuring Carol merged with some famous faces, including Barack Obama, Lord Kitchener, Mahatma Gandhi and Che Guevara.

The novel way of encouraging Eden’s 500 staff to cut their power consumption was dreamt up by Energy Manager Matt Hastings.

The campaign is also a reminder to save power at home because by 2020, the UK needs to have cut household CO2 emissions by 30 per cent.

Matt Hastings said: “Energy efficiency will play a vital role in taking us towards our 2020 carbon reduction targets of a 34 per cent reduction in CO2 against 1990 levels.

“Whilst being green is at the top of Eden’s agenda at all times, communicating energy efficiency issues effectively in a way that keeps the message fresh in people’s busy lives is a real challenge, not just for Eden but for any organisation.

”This is why we have created a campaign in an amusing way that helps get the messages across without victimising people.”

Matt added: “If someone forgets to turn off their monitor we aren’t advocating fisticuffs like Carol – a polite reminder should suffice!”

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