Wednesday, March 17, 2010 - 11:20

Sticky, messy, gooey, seriously weird and breathtakingly wonderful. Freaky Nature in all its glory is the theme at the Eden Project during the Easter Holidays (April 2-18).

In true Eden style, visitors will be able to delve into the wonders of the planet and discover more about unusual plants and their strange habits. But over the holidays they will also be able to get stuck in, literally, with masses of interactive activities for all the family.

They can, for example, turn themselves into giant seeds. All they have to do is put on a sticky suit to mimic a burdock seed and hurl themselves at a spongy wall to see how useful being sticky really is. The fun doesn’t stop there. They can create flying seed machines and gunky seed bombs and test their inventions out by launching them in the firing zone.

They can join Eden’s “Green Engineers” to meet the exciting collection of plants, including poisonous, carnivorous and exploding varieties, as well as those whose freaky features help them survive.

Dr Jo Elworthy, Director of Learning at Eden, said: “The Freaky Nature season will be great chance to see the brilliant and amazing plants of the world.

”There are lots of sticky, messy, interactive and gooey activities in the Plant Factory Testing Zone to make sure that our visitors of all ages have a great time learning about this fascinating world.”

Visitors can also follow the Freaky Nature Trail around Eden to learn everything there is to know about the designer plants and the spikes, gutters and traps that they use to survive. Then they can look at the bigger picture by putting plants (and bugs) under the lens with Eden’s giant microscopes.

Freaky Nature at The Eden Project runs from 2-18 April 2010.

During the holidays the Mediterranean Biome will be looking spectacular with 40 different varieties of tulips on display. Spring in the great outdoors will see lovely collections of daffodils, hyacinths and the tail end of the crocus displays.
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