Tuesday, June 8, 2010 - 11:47

Artist Paul McGowan and guitar legend Gary Lucas collaborate on a new artwork, Precipice.

Mauger Modern Art in London June 10 to July 3 2010, Mauger Modern Art, 81 Rochester Row, London SW1P 1LJ.

Mauger Modern Art in Bath July 8 to July 31 at 6 Bartlett Street, Bath, BA1 2QZ. Contact Richard Mauger for Details 0044 (0) 1225 315 110.

Eden Project November 5 2010, premieres at Arts Café in The Core and exhibition continues until 13 December.

Artist Paul McGowan is opening three progressive bodies of work that follow on from the Eden Project’s Living on the Edge programme. In each of the shows, a selection of work from McGowan’s experimental Blockhead Project will be exhibited.

At Mauger Modern Art London from June 10 to July 3 McGowan will be exhibiting his new works that have followed on from the Eden Project Living on the Edge exhibition at Eden in 2008. This exhibition includes large paintings and installation pieces. There will also be a selection of McGowan’s experimental collaborative pieces.

The second show at Mauger Modern Art in Bath from July 8-31 will include key pieces from his original body of work from the Living on The Edge series, and a selection of new works including drawings, paintings and installations. This exhibition will be the overview of the last three years of McGowan’s work, starting from his appointment as one of Eden’s artists in residence. This will be a unique view into the vast body of work produced by McGowan over that period.

He said: “I feel we are now confronted with a choice. We are standing on the precipice. Things will have to start changing. The physical and emotional landscape is changing and there is so much tension and anxiety all around us. ”

The third show will be staged in the Core at Eden from November 5 and will focus on his Blockhead project collaborations with artists from a variety of artistic backgrounds. It will be his final work for Eden. The collaborations will include paintings, installations and audio pieces that have been developed for the Precipice series.

The Eden Project show will include an audio and visual collaboration. McGowan called upon the American guitar legend Gary Lucas, who has previously worked with Jeff Buckley and Captain Beefheart, to complete the audio track.

McGowan said: “The work demanded an audio piece that was more than the usual array of clunking metal and footsteps that are associated with audio artworks. I wanted to question our psychological space. From content to the execution of the piece, I wanted something that was not the same as all of the other audio works that I’ve seen since the late 60s.

“This is a major project. I’ve been working on these collaborations for five years now and I have worked with some great artists from many different areas of specialisation. Chris Stocker has worked on the project from the word go. His skills and background helped develop the visual language.”

McGowan said that where Living on the Edge was about the effect mankind has on the world, Precipice is about the effect the surroundings we have created have on us and our existence. This exhibition will include the much publicised Divinity of Monsters, now in the private collection of London art collector Udhyam Amin. McGowan is currently revising the third panel of the triptych that was described in Vanessa Thorpe’s column in The Guardian as 'a potent symbol of a culture that's losing its self-respect.’