Tuesday, June 29, 2010 - 11:24

On Thursday July 1, thirty-five children from Nanpean Nippers Nursery group will visit the Eden Project for a fun day out.


The Nippers are visiting Eden after Dave Sunders of the Eden Project helped to replant the ruined garden.


The children of Nanpean Nippers Nursery arrived at school last month to find that the garden which they had been lovingly creating for months had been trashed.


The children aged between two and five were distraught to find that their carefully planted pots of veg and flowers had been smashed, their lawn had been vandalised and their pet guinea pig had been released.


After hearing their heart-rending story, Dave Saunders collected a large variety of seeds, plants, compost and tools as well as books and other goodies from across the Eden site and shop to present to the children at their morning assembly the next day.


Eden will be welcoming the children of Nanpean Nippers to enjoy a day out where they can learn more about gardening on a global scale. They will also have the opportunity to visit the Growzone, where they can learn how many household items, even boots and shoes, can be used to plant seeds.