Monday, December 13, 2010 - 11:23

Eden Project visitors can savour the delicious tastes of the Mediterranean, South Africa and California as part of a new al fresco eating experience in one of the famous Biomes.

It is the first time food has been available in the Mediterranean Biome which is home to more than 1,000 types of plants from warm temperate regions around the world.

Because Eden’s main restaurant area was damaged by last month’s severe flooding, a new venue was needed to provide food and refreshments.

Throughout December, visitors can escape the winter chill and stroll through the Biome’s lemon trees, vines and olive groves while enjoying dishes like charcoal-griddled lamb, chicken and coconut stew and mushroom, parsnip and cranberry fricassée.

Families can get involved in some of the cooking by preparing pizza twists which are then baked in a newly-installed wood oven.

The Mediterranean-inspired range is available every evening Eden is open, with a smaller selection on sale at lunchtimes.

The al fresco experience is accompanied by the sounds of Christmas carols performed by Cornish choirs and sparkling lantern processions outside the Biomes.

Eden’s Foundation Director Tony Kendle said: “We had already been thinking of bringing outdoor eating to the Biomes and adding more of the experience of Mediterranean flavours and smells to our temperate Biome.

“Good things can come out of disastrous situations – because of the flooding we had to quickly come up with alternatives for food and this has given us a great chance to try out some mobile cooking solutions.

“This is the first time food has been available to buy in one of our Biomes - now everyone can enjoy the unique al fresco ambience in the warmth of our Mediterranean Biome.”

The mouth-watering dishes include:

  • Charcoal-griddled lamb and lemon skewers served in Eden-baked foccacia with salsa verde and cooling yoghurt
  • Mushroom, parsnip and cranberry fricassee
  • Chicken and coconut stew
  • Pizza twists – visitors can help twist the garlic dough and an Eden chef will bake it in a mini wood-fuelled oven and serve it with a fire-roasted tomato sauce
  • Vanilla-and-cinnamon-coated roast chestnuts
  • Spiced festive mull
  • Eden’s Christmas spiced hot chocolate - made in a wood-fuelled rocket stove

No booking is required for this special event and admission is included in the cost of entry to Eden, with all dishes individually priced.

For all bookings, ticket prices and full opening times and more over the Christmas period, visit or ring the Box Office on 01726 811972.