Friday, March 4, 2011 - 11:18

A solid oak, 30-stone chair that was carried 3,000 feet up a Welsh mountain and brought back down again, has found a spectacular new perch at the Eden Project.

Craftsman Nick Bullen created the giant seat, made from reclaimed fence posts, as a present to the community of Gwynedd, North Wales, in return for the warm welcome he received when he set up his eco-furniture business.

He decided to place the chair at the top of the Welsh mountain Cadair Idris, as a place for walkers to sit and contemplate. The mountain, which translates as ‘chair of Idris’, refers to a mythological giant who was said to sit on the mountain range and watch the stars.

Carrying the chair on foot Egyptian-style to the top of Cadair Idris, it took Nick and a team of 14 helpers four hours to transport the massive piece of furniture.

But it couldn't stay in the beauty spot permanently so a new home had to be found for the giant chair. Nick and his colleagues then approached Eden who agreed to take the chair.

The beautiful seat, which arrived at Eden this week, now takes pride of place in Wild Cornwall, a peaceful spot containing native plants overlooking the famous Biomes.

Diana Mullis, one of Eden’s storytellers, said: “Wild Cornwall will be the perfect spot to put this beautiful gift. The tale of the chair adds to the rich history of folklore, story-telling and the spoken word here at Eden, as well as providing a quiet place for people to sit and reflect.”

One of the first people to try out the chair was three-year-old Eden visitor Grace, who was admiring the bright spring flowers.