Friday, April 15, 2011 - 11:29

The flood which destroyed Eden’s main restaurants last November has provided the chance for the project to radically reinvent its approach to food.

Baking has been part of Eden for years and now the making of bread is being placed at its heart with the introduction of a new Eden Bakery between the Biomes.

Fresh, nutritious, hand-made bread will be served warm from the oven which has been installed in the Link Building’s main eating area.

Eden has teamed up with Town Mill Bakery in Lyme Regis to create the new food adventure, the first phase of which will be open this weekend (April 16-17).

Eventually, the plan is for everyone to see expert artisan bakers in action, have a go themselves, and pick up cookery advice.

Tim Smit, Eden’s chief executive, said: “You’ll be able to enter the world of the artisan baker, taste the finest products of the art, see it in action and soon try your hand at it - one of the most satisfying experiences you can imagine. It's a question of knead!

“One of the greatest pleasures known to humankind is the smell of fresh bread. Bread is the staple - the staff of life.

“People have been growing grain, grinding flour and baking bread for over 5,000 years and the daily tradition of baking is still with us. Some of Eden’s projects around the world, in Latin America, the Far East, India and Eastern Europe, have shown us that often the staple diet is one form of bread or another.”

The main ingredient in the Eden Bakery is flour, which of course makes bread, but there will also be pasta, pizza, pastries and cakes as well as salads and soups - all prepared and cooked for everyone to see.

Eden’s managing director Gaynor Coley said: “We want to put food at the heart of all we do. We are working hard to create the first phase of the Eden Bakery.

“You’ll be able to watch delicious dishes being prepared, eat freshly-baked breads and pastries and pick up fantastic cooking tips. This will be an exciting new way of experiencing Eden – through its great food.

“To help us we’ve teamed up with Clive Cobb, founder of Town Mill Bakery in Lyme Regis. Clive is working with us to fast-track the Eden Bakery and we’ll be exploring together how we can allow the widest number of people to enjoy the experience.”

Clive Cobb said: “Our ethos is that mealtimes should be like they are at home, with breakfast, lunch, tea and supper, and it’ll be the same at the Eden Bakery.

“This is the start of a long journey. Our aim is to draw people to a place that creates an environment by its mere presence, sharing the values of integrity, quality, sustainability and individuality as found at Town Mill Bakery.”

The Eden Bakery in the Link Building (Rainforest Biome side) will be serving:

  • 9.30am–12pm, Breakfast: Create your own, using freshly baked bread, toppings, muesli, boiled eggs, croissants
  • 12–2.30pm, Lunchtime: Soup, stew, focaccia pizza, rarebit, savoury Danish, bruschetta
  • 2.30 to close, Afternoon Tea: Cakes and sweet treats

There will also be freshly made sandwiches available all day in the Link Café (Mediterranean Biome side).

Other great places to follow the Eden food adventure include:

  • Gallery in Visitor Centre: cooked-to-order breakfast and brunch
  • WEEEman area: hog roast
  • Mediterranean Biome: al fresco-style dishes
  • Jo’s Café in the Core education centre: vegetarian hot and cold dishes