Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - 17:38

Eden’s popular event Freaky Nature is back this May half-term (May 28 until June 5), but this year it comes with an exciting new feature… poo!

Freaky Nature with Poo! delves deep into the science of waste and the magic of manure, looking at what it’s made of, why it smells and the weird and wonderful things it’s used for. The event has been developed with the Wellcome Trust as part of their Dirt season.

Visitors can find out what lies around the U-bend with the history of the toilet and the fun Flush Game, where participants can experience what happens once the chain has been pulled and where everything goes.

At the seed dispersal display people can investigate the ingenious ways of seed survival, including the nourishing nutrients of poo, air-born seeds and sticky seed bombs.

There will be lots of other extraordinary activities, including freaky plant tours of the Rainforest Biome, an exploration into the dark side of plants and a Bug Boutique for little ones to dress up as their favourite insects.

Emma Hogg, Eden’s Programme Producer, said: “Freaky Nature was a great success last year and this year we’re bringing back all our favourites plus the brilliant addition of poo.

"It's been great working with the Wellcome Trust to create activities and exhibits that are not only great fun to explore but delve into the interesting world of dirt and poo as a wider part of our 'freaky' natural world."

Some little-known facts about poo:

The blue whale is the creature responsible for the largest poos in the world at 25 cms wide and several metres long.

The smallest mammal poo comes from the bumblebee bat. It weighs less than two grams and does droppings the size of a pin head.

The smelliest poo comes from orang-utans after they’ve eaten the notoriously smelly durian fruit.

The mayfly is the only creature that doesn’t poo. Because it only lives for one day only, it doesn’t eat so doesn’t need the loo.

Civet coffee is a speciality coffee made from beans that have passed through the cat-like creature’s digestive tract.

Freaky Nature with Poo! takes place across the Eden site from May 28 until June 5 and is included in the price of admission. For general enquiries, please contact: 01726 811911.

The event is part of the Wellcome Trust’s Dirt season which runs until September 26 and includes events at 'dirty locations' across the country from Glasgow to Glastonbury. There will be plenty for people to look out for, including dirt banquets, decontamination units, poo-related games, scratch and sniff cards and the science of filth, together with a major exhibition in London. Find out more at