Friday, August 19, 2011 - 11:05

The Eden Project is offering a whole host of workshops with a twist during its summer season Festival of Play, which continues until September 4.

NoFit State, the team behind Eden’s stunning circus show Labyrinth, are showing people the ropes with lessons on everything from juggling and plate spinning to unicycling and daring aerial stunts.

Along with drop-in sessions to learn basic big-top skills that take place throughout the day, people are also taking part in extreme circus skills sessions to tackle unicycling, tightrope walking, rope work and even the trapeze. These sessions take place from 3pm until 5pm each day, with an earlier time of 2pm until 4pm on Fridays.

The Festival of Play includes several other activities, including den building, and water play. Eden has been transformed into a playground full of all the right materials to build the perfect den for the whole family, or an ingenious system of pipes and tubes to transport water around The Orchard area. These activities take place throughout the day.

Aside from all this, the circus performers from NoFit State have been mesmerising visitors everyday with gravity-defying displays and beautiful choreography in different locations around Eden from midday, along with a few surprise appearances for added excitement.

Martin Williams, Eden's Marketing Director, said: “Along with water play and den building, which are firm favourites, the circus skills have gone down really well. It’s great for people to have a go at recreating the fantastic skills that are being shown off all around site.”

The Festival of Play takes place until September 4. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays Eden is open until 8pm. During these late nights, there will be plenty of other activities, with drumming lessons from the Dhol Foundation, arts and craft workshops, Bhangra dancing and a celebration of everyone’s skills to finish off the night.