Thursday, August 4, 2011 - 11:12

For the first time the RSPB will this month be offering visitors a unique opportunity to see the wild side of the Eden Project in Cornwall.

From 8 August for five days the national wildlife charity will be running walks around hitherto unseen and special places on the Eden estate.

Vincent Silcock from the RSPB, who will be on site all week, said; “This is great. The Eden Project has many different wild places that the public never gets a chance to see. Although everyone knows it for the biomes … there’s a huge amount of wildlife outside these and this is what we’d like to share.”

During the week the RSPB will be leading walks at one, two and three pm every day. These will take in areas around the periphery of the site including a wildlife garden and a special wildlife pond.

The RSPB will also be offering visitors information about other places to see wildlife in Cornwall.

Vincent Silcock: “Cornwall is one of the richest counties in the UK for wildlife and has lots for people to see, especially in the summer holidays.”

Dan Ryan, Conservation Specialist at Eden, said: "We're delighted to welcome the RSPB, one of the world's leading conservation organisations, to spend some time sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge of British wildlife with our summer visitors."

For more information call the RSPB on 01392 457194.